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Wealth Preservation


In today’s litigious society, far too many investors, professionals and business owners are at risk for frivolous lawsuits and outrageous jury verdicts. As a result, it has become necessary to implement asset protection plans. At Morris Law Group, through our unique process, the Wealth Preservation Solution, we customize a safe and effective asset protection program, personalized to help protect your reputation, save you time and offer you peace of mind.

The professionals at Morris Law Group work with businesses and individuals to segregate and insulate valuable assets from liability to the greatest extent allowable by law. This reduces the risk of attachment and financial vulnerability of your assets. By regularly using domestic and international planning vehicles to create layers of insulation between you and potential creditors we reduce your vulnerability to lawsuits.

State and federal law provide asset protection exemptions. We educate you so you can utilize these exemptions before any litigation or bankruptcy proceedings begin.

Our experienced attorneys create unique asset protection programs tailored to the needs of each client. Knowledge in the areas of real property, domestic and international tax, estate planning, pension, trusts and estates, bankruptcy and debtor-creditor, allow us to create truly effective client solutions. We continuously monitor federal and state statutes as well as regularly occurring court developments to be able to fully scrutinize, under various circumstances, each program we design. We have worked with a variety of clients from business owners and corporate executives to physicians, professional athletes and entertainers. We invite you to contact us and experience the Morris Law Group difference.

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