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Probate and Trust Administration


When a loved one dies, all the assets they owned at the time of their death are subject to probate or trust administration. The probate estate or trust administration process can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we at Morris Law Group help individual personal representatives, trustees and professional fiduciaries navigate the legal hurdles related to the administration of probate estates and trusts.

Our attorneys and staff members understand the difficulty of this process, and we treat each and every client with a great deal of empathy, understanding, skill and professionalism.

In the probate context, we serve as the liaison between the probate court and the personal representative. We guide the personal representative to act timely in accordance with court orders and time frames to efficiently distribute and administer the estate. Furthermore, we are careful to consider all beneficiaries and comply with all notice requirements. In short, we seek to make the probate process less frustrating for you by being responsive and proactive with the estate as a whole.

We also represent trustees of a revocable trust in the initial trust administration upon the death of the creator of the trust (i.e., the Grantor or Settlor). The initial trust administration includes the disbursement of the trust assets during the period which begins with the death of the Grantor and ends upon the final distribution of trust assets from the trust. We can also assist the trustees with the continued administration of the trust and any sub-trusts established. We also represent trustees of other types of trusts such as life insurance trusts, retirement trusts, testamentary trusts, gift trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, charitable trusts and other irrevocable trusts.

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