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Estate and Tax Planning


Each estate plan developed by Morris Law Group is customized to meet your specific goals and needs. Each plan we design share the common objective of efficiently transferring assets to chosen beneficiaries in the most protected manner and with the least possible tax impact. You start with our unique process, the Wealth Preservation Solution. This process entails conducting a complex evaluation of goals, desires and potential income, estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes. We then implement the appropriate planning tools, including the establishment of trusts, gifting programs, asset based solutions planning and charitable planning.

An estate plan is not a one-time task; rather it is an evolving project that must be updated as your estate planning goals change. For example, such changes can be financially driven, personally motivated or charitably inclined. As your goals change, it is important to contact our office to update your Wealth Preservation Solution in accordance with your wishes.

It is imperative not to postpone your estate planning. If you die without any form of estate plan, the state, through its intestacy laws, will dictate how your assets will be divided upon your death. In addition to the possibility of your assets being distributed to a relative you hardly know or dislike, the lack of an estate plan can lead to significant tax and fiduciary issues. Without a plan, there is no governing document to provide for guardianship of minor children. In such a case, the decision of who will raise your children will be made by a judge.

Our firm’s main focus is to help you effectively plan for the future. Do not postpone or cut corners when it comes to your estate plan.

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