At Morris Law Group, our main focus is to help you plan effectively for the future. You’ve worked too hard to leave your family’s financial security to chance. Instead of simply preparing basic legal documents and sending you on your way, our estate planning and asset protection attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive Wealth Preservation Solution℠ that is always up to date and reflects your current financial needs.

Planning Ahead Is Essential

With so many things to do each day, it’s tempting to put estate planning and asset protection on the back burner. However, it is imperative not to postpone these tasks.

If you die without any form of an estate plan, the state of Florida will dictate how your assets will be divided through its intestacy laws. In addition to the possibility of your assets being distributed to a relative you hardly know or dislike, the lack of an estate plan can lead to significant tax and fiduciary issues. If you are a parent, passing away without an estate plan also means there is no governing document to provide for guardianship of your minor children. In such a case, the decision of who will raise your children will be made by a judge.

In today’s increasingly litigious society, far too many investors, professionals, and business owners are at risk for frivolous lawsuits and outrageous jury verdicts. Honest, hardworking people can have a lifetime of assets disappear in an instant. The professionals at Morris Law Group work with businesses and individuals to segregate and insulate valuable assets from liability to the greatest extent allowable by law. This reduces the risk of attachment and financial vulnerability of your assets. By taking advantage of domestic and international planning vehicles to create layers of insulation between you and potential creditors, you can reduce your vulnerability to lawsuits.

Creating a Customized Wealth Preservation SolutionSM

Your estate plan is customized by Morris Law Group to meet your specific goals and needs. Every plan we design shares the common objective of efficiently transferring assets to chosen beneficiaries in the most protected manner and with the least possible tax impact. This is accomplished through our unique process, the Wealth Preservation Solution.SM

The following are our key steps:

  • Discover. During this initial phase, we’ll get to know you a bit better. We’ll talk about your family situation, your income, your current assets, and what your goals for the future are. We’ll also take a look at any existing estate planning or financial documents you may have.
  • Design. Once we’ve clarified your objectives, we’ll gather any necessary information and design your customized Wealth Preservation Solution.SM
  • Deliver. At this stage of the process, we’ll review your Wealth Preservation SolutionSM with you and answer any questions you might have. If needed, we’ll make adjustments to ensure the plan fits your goals.
  • Direct. Your Implementation Team will meet to determine how to execute your plan best. Assets will be retitled as needed.
  • Discuss. Since your needs are constantly changing, your Wealth Preservation SolutionSM should be able to grow and adapt. We’ll provide ongoing oversight and maintenance, periodically review your goals and objectives, communicate with you and your advisors, and update your Wealth Preservation SolutionSM as needed. 

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At Morris Law Group, we’re committed to building long-term, lasting relationships with our clients by listening to their needs and advising them on the best courses of action for their situations. Our goal is to help you preserve and protect your wealth now and take care of your family well into the future.

We have four convenient offices in South Florida, including our headquarters in Boca Raton, as well as locations in Aventura, West Palm Beach, and Weston. Let us put our more than 100 years of combined experience in complex estate planning, tax planning, trust and estate administration, and business structuring and succession planning to work for you. Schedule your consultation now.