Our wealth preservation attorneys are here to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to save on taxes, provide generational wealth, create a charitable legacy, or benefit heirs with special needs. We don’t just create estate planning documents — we provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your future.

Wealth Preservation, Estate & Tax PlanningWealth Preservation, Estate & Tax Planning

At Morris Law Group, we believe you can’t afford to leave your family’s long-term financial security to chance. We offer our clients a customized Wealth Preservation SolutionSM that incorporates a variety of tax and estate planning strategies to ensure you leave a legacy for your descendants, beneficiaries, or favorite charitable organizations. While every plan is unique, they all share the common objective of transferring assets efficiently to chosen beneficiaries in the most protected manner and with the least possible tax impact.

If your circumstances change after your initial plan has been created, there’s no need to worry. Unlike other firms, we view planning as an ongoing, evolving process—not a one-time transaction. When you choose to work with Morris Law Group, you’ll be building a lasting relationship with a team that’s committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Schedule your consultation now.

Probate & Trust AdministrationProbate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is never easy. While we can’t take away your grief, the experienced probate and trust administration attorneys at Morris Law Group can make the process of distributing your loved one’s assets a bit easier. Our team helps individual personal representatives, trustees, and professional fiduciaries navigate the legal hurdles related to the administration of probate estates and trusts.

When you work with Morris Law Group, we’ll explain your role as personal representative or trustee in clear, easy-to-understand terms, so you know exactly what to expect. If problems arise, we’ll take a proactive approach that ensures the most efficient probate or trust administration process possible so you can continue to move forward with your life. Schedule your consultation now.

Business Structuring & Succession PlanningBusiness Structuring & Succession Planning

When your legacy includes a family business, planning ahead is vital. At Morris Law Group, our experienced business structuring and succession planning attorneys can help you develop a plan that functions as an insurance policy for the continuation of your business — regardless of its size and structure.

Morris Law Group works with business owners to formulate personalized plans for exiting from a business and preparing for the transfer of ownership and control of the business from one generation to the next while minimizing taxes. Don’t let an unexpected illness or disability jeopardize the best interests of the company you worked so hard to build. Learn how our team can help you plan a smooth and stress-free transition. Schedule your consultation now.

Planning for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Professionals & High Net Worth IndividualsPlanning for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Professionals & High Net Worth Individuals

As a business owner and/or high net worth individual, you have unique needs. Turn to the professionals at Morris Law Group to learn how to make the best use of investment vehicles, create an effective estate plan, minimize tax liability, and protect your assets from legal liability.

We provide personalized, discreet services for business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and other high net worth individuals. To learn how we can help you protect your wealth and plan for the future so you can maintain your high standard of living across multiple generations, schedule your consultation now.

International Tax PlanningInternational Tax Planning

The globalized economy creates unlimited opportunities, but foreign investments can cause significant headaches if proper precautions aren’t taken. Cross-border transactions require knowledge of international tax laws to achieve optimal results and avoid unnecessary compliance costs.

Morris Law Group’s experienced legal team includes several Certified Public Accountants as well as attorneys with strong accounting backgrounds — giving us the ability to see tax-planning issues from an accountant’s perspective as well as a legal perspective. Let us create a strategic plan to manage your tax liabilities proactively. Schedule your consultation now.

Charitable PlanningCharitable Planning

As you're reviewing your estate plan and thinking about the legacy you wish to leave, you may find yourself with questions about how to best structure your charitable giving. When you approach your giving strategically, you maximize the impact of your donation while preserving your own assets and minimizing your tax liability.

At Morris Law Group, our team of experienced attorneys offers personalized charitable donation tax planning services so you can support meaningful causes while gaining income, estate, and gift tax advantages. After discussing your values and what type of organization you want to support, we'll recommend strategies that can help you achieve your goals best, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, charitable gift annuities, and donor-advised funds. Schedule your consultation now.

Special Needs PlanningSpecial Needs Planning

If you are caring for a loved one with special needs, you know that government programs don’t come close to providing sufficient funds for the resources he or she needs to reach their full potential. With our help, you can create a Special Needs Trust that will preserve assets for your loved one with special needs without affecting his or her ability to receive important government benefits such as Medicaid and SSI.

The experienced attorneys at Morris Law Group are committed to helping you ensure that your loved one with special needs will be taken care of no matter what the future holds. Our process involves a detailed assessment of your family’s unique concerns, with regular updates to ensure your plan continues to fit your specific goals. Schedule your consultation now.