Update to Estate Planning Through Split Dollar Life Insurance
Split Dollar Agreements are a highly effective estate planning technique for high net worth individuals, and they can be used in a business setting or privately with family members. We’ve discussed using Split Dollar life insurance before, but this article seeks to provide an update on using this technique as part of your estate plan.

When Should Children Have Access To Their Inheritances?
Regardless of whether or not you are subject to the estate tax, it is essential to have a current will and related documents. Another consideration is determining the appropriate time for children to have access to their inheritance. Read more to find out why…

Retirement planning: Should I open an IRA for my child?
If you have a child who earns money, the last thing you want is for him or her to blow that cash on nonsense. Therefore, teaching that child to save at a young age is crucial. And while you could encourage your child to stick that income directly into a savings account, you might consider a more potentially lucrative alternative: an IRA.

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