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  • Why Choose Us? When you choose to work with Morris Law Group, you can count on us to deliver personalized solutions, privacy, a team approach, and ongoing support. See 17 reasons why you should choose Morris Law Group.
  • What Estate Planning and Tax Law Changes Are Expected with the New Biden Administration? With a change in the presidency comes changes in many areas of the law, including tax law. Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden’s plan is to reduce the current estate tax exemption to half of its current amount: back to $5 million per person, indexed for inflation. He may possibly call for a reduction as low as $3.5 million per person, depending on what is likely to pass through Congress. The current exemption is $11.58 million per person. What does this mean for you if the exemption is reduced?
  • Navigating a High Net Worth Divorce A pre- or postnuptial agreement stipulating exactly who gets what assets is obviously the simplest way to avoid a costly divorce settlement, but what are the alternative options? A postnuptial agreement in particular can be difficult and very awkward to ask one’s spouse for, so we recommend settling up the agreement prior to a marriage. One of the most iron-clad ways to protect one’s assets from divorce settlement and even child support payments is a Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT).
  • Concerns with Out-of-State Trusts If you live in Florida but have a trust that contains assets from another state, it may be subject to state income tax. Click here to protect your assets today!
  • Morris Law Group Founding Partner Named to 2021 Best Lawyers® List Morris Law Group Founding Partner Stuart R. Morris, Esq., CPA, B.C.S. was nominated by his peers for his expertise in Trusts & Estates. Read more here.
  • What to Know About Tax Planning and Reporting Proper planning can help when it’s time to prepare your taxes. Learn how a tax attorney can assist you.
  • When You Need to File a Gift Tax Return Preparing and filing a gift tax return can be a complicated process that requires the help of an experienced attorney to have positive impacts on your estate.