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Who gets a copy of a will after a testator dies?

Estate attorneys determine who is entitled to receive a copy of the Will, independent of any state law. 

Here’s a list of people who may receive a copy of a Will:

  • Heirs at Law and/or Prior Beneficiaries
  • Personal Representative Named in the Will
  • Beneficiaries Named in the Will
  • Successor Trustee of the Testator's Revocable Living Trust
  • Accountant for the Estate
  • Remember: Wills Are Public Record
  • IRS and/or State Taxing Authority

The Last Will and Testament is not required by law to be read out loud to anyone.

** Disclaimer Required by IRS Circular 230** Unless otherwise expressly approved in advance by the undersigned, any discussion of federal tax matters herein is not intended and cannot be used 1) to avoid penalties under the Federal tax laws, or 2) to promote, market or recommend to another party any transaction or tax-related matter addressed.

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