As part of Morris Law Group's Generational Planning Solution (GPS) program, our team of professionals are available to counsel you on matters involving your Wealth Preservation Solution and offer additional planning options as your personal, financial and business circumstances change over time. Because your Wealth Preservation Solution may include entities holding assets or operating as a business, the review, oversight and compliance of these entities is critical to assure that they are current.

Our team will oversee and ensure that the following activities are completed on a timely basis:

  • Annual Report Filings/State Payments
  • Review of Managers/Directors/Registered Agents/Addresses
  • Payment of Registered Agent Fees
  • Continued Review of Assets Owned/Sold by Each Entity
  • Preparation of Annual Minutes
  • Advice and Facilitation of Contributions and Distributions
  • Review of Tax Returns and Schedule K-1s for Companies to Ensure Ownership Accuracy for Tax Purposes

Please watch my presentation video above about entity compliance and find out more about what our annual entity compliance audit entails here. You can watch all of our latest videos by the Morris Law Group team on our new video channel on our website or on our YouTube channel today.


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