Every business entity organized in Florida must file an annual report with the Florida Department of State by May 1 each year. This filing is mandatory for all business entities that wish to maintain active status, even if no changes were made to the entity. The purpose of the annual report is to update and/or confirm the records of Florida’s Division of Corporations. Additionally, the responsibility to file falls solely upon the entity’s representative since Florida’s Division of Corporations is not required to send a reminder regarding the deadline.  

The annual report can only be filed through Sunbiz, Florida’s Department of State, Division of Corporations (Sunbiz.Org). The option to file the annual report is prominently listed on the website’s homepage. In order to file the report, all you need is the Document ID Number (which can be found on Sunbiz), a valid email address, and payment of the fee.

Report Fees

The fees for the annual report vary based on entity classification, and are as follows for 2017:
  1. For a Profit Corporation: $150.00
  2. For a Non-Profit Corporation: $61.25
  3. For an LLC: $138.75
  4. For an LP or LLLP: $500.00       

Potential Penalties

Florida’s Division of Corporations will impose a penalty of $400 for an annual report that is filed after the May 1 deadline; however, the penalty does not apply to nonprofit corporations. Furthermore, this $400 late fee cannot be waived or abated.
The failure to file an annual report by the third Friday of September will result in the administrative dissolution or revocation of the business entity. Such administratively dissolved or revoked entities must then apply for reinstatement and pay additional fees in order to regain active status in Florida. Therefore, if you are an individual who has formed, or maintains a business entity in Florida, it is crucial that you file the annual report in order to avoid the disruption of business. 

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