Morris Law Group believes your Wealth Preservation Solution is an ongoing, evolving process, not a one-time transaction. Just as your life changes, your financial goals, objectives and the law may change. Because of these changes, your Wealth Preservation Solution will require constant review and revision to ensure that it meets your family’s goals and objectives. Our team is here to ensure your plan is updated as your needs evolve and will guide you in the right direction to meet your goals.  
As part of our Generational Planning Solution (GPS) program, our team will work with you to review and minimize your tax obligations, address liability concerns, discuss business succession strategies and make adjustments to your Wealth Preservation Solution as your needs evolve. By planning ahead, you will feel safe and secure knowing your estate and business affairs are in order. You will be confident knowing you have a team of professional advisors who will work closely with your family and others whom you have entrusted to carry out your wishes.
Morris Law Group provides an annual review as part of our GPS program, including an Entity Compliance Audit and Irrevocable Trust Compliance Examination. We discuss those programs in more detail below. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your Wealth Preservation Solution and make sure you're in compliance and on track to meet your goals, please schedule a teleconference or video conference with one of our top estate attorneys by calling (561) 750-3850 or contact us today.

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