Plan for Your Future with a Customized Wealth Preservation Solution Crafted by Top Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorneys

Do you want your ex-in-laws to receive your wealth? Do you know with certainty who will inherit control of your business when you die? Have you secured the legacy you want to leave to your descendants, beneficiaries or charities? Can you afford to leave your family’s long-term financial security to chance? If you pass away without a clearly defined, well-thought-out estate plan in place, the government or others may end up with wealth intended for your family. Is that something you’re willing to risk?

At Morris Law Group, you’ll find highly experienced estate planning attorneys, many board-certified by the Florida Bar, who can help you preserve and protect your wealth now and take care of your family well into the future. We build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients by listening to their needs and advising them on the best course for their situation — whether it’s with estate planning, wealth preservation, tax planning, probate and trust administration, or business and succession planning. You’ll find the estate planning expertise you need when you need it at Morris Law Group.

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorneys Help You Leave a Legacy, Not a Mess

Our team of knowledgeable, qualified Boca Raton attorneys and paralegals has more than 100 years of combined experience in managing complex estate planning, tax planning, trust and estate administration, and business structuring and succession planning for our clients. However, we don’t just prepare your estate documents. We review your business or family situation, study your assets, and help you develop a comprehensive plan that aligns with your goals. With Morris Law Group’s assistance, you’ll be able to:

  • Structure your business and personal wealth to preserve and protect assets from creditors and minimize taxes
  • Set up a succession plan for your business
  • Help your beneficiaries avoid income and estate taxes
  • Minimize conflict and confusion among your family members after your death
  • Fund charities you feel strongly about supporting
  • Care for a loved one with special needs
  • Provide for your loved ones after you’re gone
  • Select and empower someone to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated
  • Choose representatives to carry out your wishes after your death